Beyond Academics

Situated in the heart of Jeddah,  Al-Mawarid International School is designed to fulfill the needs of twenty first century learning environment. The well lit ventilated and air conditioned classrooms, state-of the art Computer and Science labs, the Library, the mathematical lab and sophisticated audio visual lab are all equipped to keep pace with multi learning methods of the  future.  The  multipurpose  auditorium  when  occasion demands, becomes an amphitheatre. Play way area for toddlers as well as well planned sports field encourages a holistic development of child.

With its carefully planned time table and enriching system of education with scholastic, co scholastic and extracurricular activities, the school provides an attractive opportunity for children of varying levels of ability from different social and cultural background to inter- mingle. The school embraces every denomination and culture and makes every child feel truly proud.

The Madrassa system we promote for the Muslim students and Moral and Value Education for non Muslim students enrich the value based education and this provides an early platform for children to discover themselves.

  Why the Al-Mawarid International School ?             

Our answer to this question is that while we prepare our children to meet global challenges, We also ensure that they retain in themselves the great values of life. In today's fast changing world when limitless opportunities are opening up for the young, we are extra watchful of the dangers that result from too sharp a change of tradition. The cultural invasion from the west through electronic media especially for the expatriate indian is making it increasingly difficult for parents and educators to cope with the upheavals of adolescence.

Al-Mawarid International School was formed in 2003 with the sole intension to provide high education even for the under privileged and poor expatriate Indian community on a nonprofit non loss basis without  compromising  any  quality  parametres.  To  address  this and many other growing concern which was prevalent in Jeddah, the idea of setting up a school which would  effectively  balance,  for  young  impressionable  minds,  the  lure  of TV screens and true value of life bloomed in the society and AMIS came  into  being equipped with modern infrastructure that would keep face with rapid advances in Science  and  Technology.

  Co Curricular and Extracurricular activities.              

We steer our students a rigorous CBSE academic curriculum that goes beyond the textbooks and aspires to develop creative imagination. Children are exposed to a wide range of activities - art, craft, music, yoga, clay modelling, aerobics, graphic arts, public speaking, quizzing, journalism, publishing, editing, graphic arts are some  of them.  Special  months of the year are designated to  special  activities.To reinforce the academic curricula and impart a global vision, help extra career choices, a series of talks and workshops are held though out the year by eminent personalities from the world of science, Arts, Academic, Media, Music, Politics, Diplomacy, Culture and so on...

Our obsession with "Learning by doing" prompts us to begin our year in a voyage of self discovery through self expression. Parent are asked to collect the creation of their wards (like drawing, essays, poems, stories etc.) and put them in to a special album so that at the end of 14 years of schooling, they would have a wonderful record of their child's progress

Many clubs like Science Club, Social science Club, Mathematic Club, English Collegium etc., are formed to identify the  attitude and creativity of each  pupil in the specific area and uplift that talent.

  Special Assemblies           

Special assemblies are held to note the national and international occasions. Some types programmes which suits each occasion are designed and presented in the assembly. Some of the occasions are as follows ;

International Labour day Common Wealth Day World health Day Teachers Day  Children's Day

Human rights Day Independence Day of India Republic Day of India

  Moral / Value Education

As an Imperative for the moral development and social uplift, the high standard of Islamic education enables each Muslim student to do their rituals properly. Practical classes are being regularly conducted in the school premises under the able guidance of erudite Islamic scholars. Specially designed Madrassa Syllabus prepared for AIS is well equipped to tackles all the challenges ahead in this field. At the same time non Muslims are taught value education. Besides different types of Islamic talent enhancement programs are being   conducted   frequently   the   school   to   get   a   holistic   approach   to   life.

  Information Library         

A  well arranged  stack  of  thousands of books will  definitely  serve the young knowledge hub  to   imbibe   the  horizon  of                                                               wisdom.    Three   separate  library   has been  built  to meet the requirements  of  the three different sections. Around Fifteen thousands of books of varying  level  which  comprises  of  fiction,  poetry,  play,  film scripts,  science  books, reference  books etc.,  are available in  the  library.  Separate ruled  and regulations have been constituted  to  make use of the library service.  The  library  will be open during the school hours.


To meet  the global challenges and equip our  students well  advanced  in the field of science,  Vast laboratories  for  Physics,  Chemistry and biology  have been set up in both  boys'  and  girls'  sections  separately.          Care  has  been  taken  to  provide  all inventories  and  chemicals  in  these labs.  The  discipline  policy  to  maintain  th the laboratory will be  distributed  to  the concerned students in a separate leaf let.  those who try to violate these rules will be dismissed without further notice.

Medical Aid

Frequent Medical Check ups which are completely free of cost has been provided to each students in the school campus by expert doctors. A tie-up with Sidra Medical Centre, Sharafiyya has been made in this regard. If any problematic case is reported in the check ups, the parents are intimated and remedial measures are taken.

Weak Students Fololw ups.

Weak and low performers also deserve equal status and concern. They too form our knowledge society. In most cases, these students were made so due to the lack of proper attention and negligence. Unhealthy labelling by the peers, parents and some teachers and ignorance of the parents and the lack of basic knowledge will all ultimately mount to the loss of interest in studies and to get enlisted in the Weak Students Chart. School has formed a strong panel of efficient teachers to find out such cases and remedial measures will accordingly be taken. Special coaching classes inside the school have been arranged for such students.


Senior Secondary Classes

An array of  well  qualified  and highly  experienced  teachers  have taken up the charge of generating a conductive environment to teach and  instill  the  desired  knowledge to the young impressionable minds.

Since the upgradation to the senior secondary status in 2007  ( The First Private School in Saudi Arabia which was upgraded to senior school status ), our school was able to achieve 100 % pass result with the highest top ranks in Saudi Arabia among independent schools throughout the years. Most of them passed with either  distinction or high first classes

Following subjects are offered in Senior Secondary Classes

1.  Science Stream                                       

  1. English Core
  2. Entrepreneurship / Mathematics,
  3. Physics
  1. Chemistry
  2. Biology / Computer Science

 2. Commerce Stream

  1. English Core
  2. Entrepreneurship / Computer Science   
  3. Economics 
  4. Business Studies
  5. Accountancy

Along  with  the curriculum, special syllabus  has  been  framed to train our students in the different types of entrance examination

Scouts and Guides

Our school has obtained affiliation with Bharath Scouts and Guides. A wide range of indoor and outdoor activities are conducted yearly to develop social, emotional, and cultural skills. School sends contingents to India and different part of Saudi Arabia for training in collaboration with Saudi Scouts Council. Students imbibe many good qualities

of different culture through cultural exchange of multinational students.

Martial Arts and Yoga

Interested students are trained martial arts like Karate, Kung fu etc., on every Friday and Saturday morning. This was introduced for the purpose of developing sports man sprit and equipping the child with certain techniques which help him protect himself from dangerous anti socials. The practice is available only for needy students.


School Canteen which provides eatables and soft drinks functions throughout the school working hours. Food items of nutritive value is the main advantage of the canteen. Utmost care has been taken to keep it healthy and hygiene


Book Store


It is compulsory for the parents to purchase all text books and note books from the school book store to keep the uniformity and the standard of  each  item.  Store remains open during the working hours of the school. School uniforms and all educationally related stationery items will be available in the store.

Counselling Center

Full fledged  counselor  has  been appointed in the school premises. His service will be available for the students  as  per the request of the parents and concerned teachers. Various psychological problems are detected by the counselor and suggestive measures are reported to the parents for further follow ups.