Terms & Conditions

Situated in the heart of Jeddah,  Al-Mawarid International School is designed to fulfill the needs of twenty first century learning environment. The well lit ventilated and air conditioned classrooms, state-of the art Computer and Science labs, the Library, the mathematical lab and sophisticated audio visual lab are all equipped to keep pace with multi learning methods of the  future.  The  multipurpose  auditorium  when  occasion demands, becomes an amphitheatre. Play way area for toddlers as well as well planned sports field encourages a holistic development of child.

With its carefully planned time table and enriching system of education with scholastic, co scholastic and extracurricular activities, the school provides an attractive opportunity for children of varying levels of ability from different social and cultural background to inter- mingle. The school embraces every denomination and culture and makes every child feel truly proud.


The Madrassa system we promote for the Muslim students and Moral and Value Education for non Muslim students enrich the value based education and this provides an early platform for children to discover themselves.



  Why the Al-Mawarid International School ?             


Our answer to this question is that while we prepare our children to meet global challenges, We also ensure that they retain in themselves the great values of life. In today's fast changing world when limitless opportunities are opening up for the young, we are extra watchful of the dangers that result from too sharp a change of tradition. The cultural invasion from the west through electronic media especially for the expatriate indian is making it increasingly difficult for parents and educators to cope with the upheavals of adolescence.


Al-Mawarid International School was formed in 2003 with the sole intension to provide high education even for the under privileged and poor expatriate Indian community on a nonprofit non loss basis without  compromising  any  quality  parametres.  To  address  this and many other growing concern which was prevalent in Jeddah, the idea of setting up a school which would  effectively  balance,  for  young  impressionable  minds,  the  lure  of TV screens and true value of life bloomed in the society and AMIS came  into  being equipped with modern infrastructure that would keep face with rapid advances in Science  and  Technology.